Master degree in computer science

Technology is the driving force behind modern daily life.


Social media, mobile payments, and the "internet of things" have proven to be essential tools for our personal and professional lives, and the future promises an even more interconnected world. Demand for tech talent remains high, with excellent job outlooks for data analysts, software developers, web programmersand network architects. With a master's in computer science, you can become part of this ongoing tech revolution. A master's in computer science can lead to better job prospects in a competitive market, and opportunities for advancement.

Computer science programs are available online and on-campus. Prospective students must decide which format works best for them and their current life. For example, an online master's degree might appeal more to working professionals, or those looking to make a career transition.

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Meanwhile, on-campus master's in computer science programs might attract students straight from undergraduate programs, who know they want to go directly into a credentialed position that requires a master's degree.

Students in computer science master's programs learn how to solve problems and effectively communicate with programming languages. Computer science master's applicants generally have a good grasp on coding and various programming languages already. Master's programs allow these students to use coding languages in new ways, such as for building databases and ferreting out security vulnerabilities. While pursuing your master's, you should take full advantage of your student status.

On-campus students in particular enjoy opportunities to build a professional network simply by interacting with their peers, instructors, and mentors. Student services are also helpful in learning about recruitment events, internships, and career assistance.

689 Masters Programs in Computer Science

A master's in computer science can unlock doors in the business, healthcare, finance, and technology fields. Large corporations, nonprofits, and startups alike seek tech talent to help them compete in a global economy; collect and store big data; design algorithms; and develop the latest in software, hardware, or cloud services. With a master's degree in computer science, you can pursue careers in cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, data analytics, or design.

In total, BLS projects an addition ofjobs to the tech field between and Computer network architects take charge of clients' data communication networks. These individuals design and deploy scalable information networks that can grow with a company.

To enter into this profession, you need at least a bachelor's degree, but some employers may prefer a master's degree. DBAs are the gatekeepers to the data that data analysts and editors need for their work. The databases DBAs create and maintain must be logical, easy to use, and defendable against outside threat. Their responsibilities include quality assurance and testing for vulnerabilities or bugs. Some employers prefer hiring DBAS with master's degrees. Software developers may work for corporations, new startups, or game developers, leading development projects from start to finish.There are many factors to consider, including overall cost, national reputation, and curriculum, to name but a few considerations.

To narrow down our list to the top 50, we used the following points system. Average Early-Career Salary of Graduates:. National Recognition: Note: To ensure consistency, we consulted only those applicable rankings produced by U.

Why I Hated Computer Science at Stanford

Top — 1 point Top 50 — 2 points Top 40 — 3 points Top 30 — 4 points Top 20 — 5 points Top 10 — 6 points Top 5 — 7 points. Please note, in the case of varying information for example, a difference in tuition for state residents and non-residentspoints were allocated based on the highest number of points possible. Ties were broken at the discretion of the editors. The Master of Science in Computer Science from Cornell is a hour program which takes four semesters to complete.

Students are required to turn in a written thesis and give an oral presentation about the thesis results. Elective course topics include:.

master degree in computer science

The program is for full-time students and is designed to be completed in two years. Sample courses include:. Stanford University is a private university located in Stanford, California. The Master of Science in Computer Science from Yale is designed for individuals who want to pursue professional careers after graduation instead of applying to doctoral programs.

The university offers a general track and two specialized tracks:. Georgia Institute of Technology, more commonly known as Georgia Tech, is a public university located in Atlanta, Georgia.

Located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Carnegie Mellon University CMU is a private university with a computer science faculty dedicated to publishing cutting-edge research in the field. The M. Students are required to take classes in:. University of California — Berkeley, commonly referred to as Berkeley or Cal, is a public university with top computer science ratings from multiple organizations. Students can take classes in:. University of Pennsylvania, often referred to as Penn, is a private Ivy League university.

University of Michigan is a public university based in Ann Arbor, Michigan.As industries become more dependent on technology, the demand for eligible computer scientists continues to grow.

While those with a bachelor's in computer science may find success in the field, some of the highest-paying and fastest-growing positions require at least a master's. Master's in computer science programs build on bachelor's-level foundations and teach advanced skills.

These degrees can prepare learners for research and development careers. For instance, some master's in computer science graduates work as computer and information research scientists.

Completing a master's degree can also lead to positions that combine computer science and leadership. This resource explores the top master's in computer science programs in the nation, including an overview of each program and some of the courses students can expect to take. It also recommends organizations and scholarships available to computer science students and graduates. Master's in computer science programs build on the skills developed during similar bachelor's programs, including programming, database maintenance, and software development.

Master's programs also explore advanced topics such as artificial intelligence and software architecture. Most master's in computer science programs help workers advance their careers and move into leadership positions with higher salaries. While master's students typically have a related bachelor's and some work experience, some programs admit learners from other backgrounds, as long as they complete prerequisites.

Since almost all businesses and organizations use computers, a master's in computer science can lead to various careers in nearly every industry. Computer and information research scientists, a common position for master's in computer science graduates, focus on improving the way people interact with computers.

These professionals work with other computer scientists and engineers to build complex systems, then manage these systems to ensure continual effectiveness and efficiency. Known the world over for a distinguished pedigree, Harvard continues a tradition of excellence in engineering and applied sciences. The master's in computational science and engineering CSE develops computer scientists skilled in the use of mathematical techniques for modeling; parallel programming and software development; and organizing, visualizing, and analyzing large data sets.

Students earn a master of science or master of engineering ME on campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Both programs require eight courses, which students complete in just one year.

The eight courses include systems development for computational science and advanced scientific computing: numerical methods. All students complete a research requirement, which they may satisfy with a capstone or independent study project. The ME requires an additional year for students to complete a master's thesis research project.

The admissions committee examines applicants' capacity for advanced computational work, evidenced by their background in math, computer science, statistics, and professional accomplishments. GRE scores help bolster the application for this computer science master's degree. One of the oldest colleges in the United States, Penn represents one of the nation's eight Ivy League colleges. The MSE in computer and information science CIS allows students to design a study plan, which may include interdisciplinary focus areas.

Students complete 10 courses, seven of which focus on CIS, on campus in Philadelphia. Students begin the program with four core courses chosen from a suite of options.

The core must include a systems course, such as software systems; a theory course, such as an analysis of algorithms; and no more than one machine learning course, such as artificial intelligence.

master degree in computer science

Participants round out the degree with six elective courses: at least three must be in the CIS field, but up to three can be non-CIS classes. Students may use electives to pursue an interdisciplinary area, such as CIS and telecommunications, or independent study, which enhances knowledge in a specific area.

Applicants to the computer science master's degree should demonstrate a strong background in mathematics and computer science. Columbia University maintains a reputation as one of the world's most important research centers.

The Ivy League college offers a point MS in computer sciencewhich deepens learners' expertise in one of several computer science disciplines. Students choose from between 10 track options, which include computational biology; computer security; machine learning; and vision, graphics, interaction, and robotics. Each track requires its own set curriculum, comprising breadth courses, track courses, and electives.

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Faculty blend lectures with project work and research in groups and labs. The machine learning track gives learners expertise in the use of techniques and applications in areas as diverse as finance and bioinformatics.As colleges and universities navigate the COVID pandemic, we're continuing our efforts to provide you with useful student resources and the latest online program information.

Check our coronavirus resources page to learn more. This guide provides an overview of the best online master's programs in computer science in the nation, including information on degree requirements, tuition costs, admission requirements, program focuses and concentrations, and delivery formats. These computer science programs are suitable for working professionals seeking to specialize further and advance their careers, as well as for individuals who plan to pursue a Ph.

Prospective students can use this resource as a way to find a program that matches their academic and career goals. Obtaining a master's in computer science prepares students for careers as software developers, information security analysts, computer and information research scientists, and other similar computing positions. The demand for many of these jobs continues to grow, which offers job security and competitive salaries. At BestColleges, we believe that a college education is one of the most important investments you will make.

We want to help you navigate the college selection process by offering transparent, inclusive, and relevant school rankings for online students. Our rankings are grounded in a few guiding principles and use the latest statistical data available from trusted sources.

Read more about our ranking methodology.

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We hope our approach helps you find your ideal school. Stanford offers an online master of science in computer science for students seeking career advancement.

This program does not lead directly to a Ph. Stanford's MS in computer science requires 45 units of coursework and takes years to complete. Students can choose to specialize in artificial intelligence, biocomputation, computer and network security, human-computer interaction, information management and analytics, mobile and internet computing, real-world computing, software theory, systems, or theoretical computer science.

Students must maintain a minimum 3. Email: admissions cs. Georgia Tech offers an online master of science in computer science for working professionals who want to advance their skills in the field. Students can choose from concentrations in computational perception and robotics, computing systems, interactive intelligence, and machine learning.

Georgia Tech's online master's in computer science requires 30 credits and takes part-time students years to complete. Courses include advanced operating systems, computer networks, network security, and software analysis. To continue in the program after their first year, students must complete two foundational courses with a "B" or higher. Applicants must hold a bachelor's degree in computer science or a related field from an accredited university and a minimum 3. Email: omscs cc. Columbia offers an online master of science in computer science that emphasizes theoretical computer science and mathematics as well as experimental computer technology.

In addition to eight designated areas of concentration, Columbia University's program also offers the option for students to create a personalized track.

Columbia's MS in computer science requires 30 credits. Core courses include operating systems, advanced software engineering, network security, and security architecture. After completing core courses, students are required to take elective courses in a concentration of their choosing.

Applicants must have a bachelor's degree in computer science, a minimum 3. Applicants with a bachelor's degree in a different field may still apply but they need to take six prerequisite classes: four computer science courses and two math courses.

Johns Hopkins offers an online master of science in computer science that provides deeper knowledge and skills about the theory, analysis, design, and implementation of information systems. The university's MS in computer science requires 10 courses, including three foundation courses in foundations of software engineering, foundations of computer architecture, and foundations of algorithms. Concentration tracks are offered in bioinformatics, cybersecurity, data communications and networking, data science and cloud computing, database systems and knowledge management, enterprise and web computing, human-computer interaction and visualization, software engineering, systems, and theory.

Applicants must hold a bachelor's degree in a technical discipline; have a minimum 3. Phone: Email: rhernan7 jhu. USC offers an online master of science in computer science for students who already have a background in computing and wish to advance their knowledge within the discipline. USC's online master of science in computer science degree requires 28 units and takes 1.Jump to navigation. Campus health and safety are our top priorities.

Get help with Instructional Continuity and working from home. Tell Me More! The Master of Science in Computer Science Online program provides a flexible learning environment while fostering personal engagement between professors and students. Taught by UT faculty, many of whom are award-winning leaders in the CS research community, the program supplies rigorous training to expand your expertise in areas such as advanced systems design, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

By the end of the program, students will have gained the skills needed to accelerate their careers. The demand for computer science jobs continues to explode. Computer science is impacting innovation in fields outside of the technology sector, including finance and healthcare. Over the next decade, virtually every job is going to require some expertise in computer science. The program provides students with the same world-class education enjoyed by our on-campus students.

Taught by leading faculty at the cutting edge of research, courses are designed to prepare you to be industry leaders in a diverse array of computer science fields. With on-demand lectures and weekly release schedules, courses are designed to fit within your busy calendars. HD lecture videos put you directly in front of your professors, while they work through real-world problems and challenges currently facing computer science professionals.

UT's MCS Online allows you to further your expertise in computer science from world-renowned faculty, at an affordable price and at your pace. Learn more from Program Director Adam Klivans and Program Coordinator Kathryn Murphy, about this groundbreaking program that is breaking down the barriers to careers in computer science. The MCSO program is a rigorous graduate-level program that offers talented students from a variety of backgrounds an opportunity to embark on highly successful careers in technology.

The program accepts applications for fall and spring semesters. The MCSO is a degree program that includes advanced coursework from a wide array of subjects such as machine learning, optimization, systems, quantum computing, and high-performance and scientific computing.

Students receive weekly courses through the edX platform, and are advised and assessed by UT Austin faculty and staff on rigorous assignments, programming projects, and comprehensive exams and connect with instructors and classmates office hours and discussion forums.A Master in Computer Science is a great option. A Master in Computer Science can open doors to many new and exciting jobs. A… Read more. A career in Computer Science means that you can design and analyze new computer systems, study robotics and even research artificial intelligence.

These are all areas of study that students can experience with a Master in Computer Science. Here you can find Master in Computer Science programs.

This page has programs in the field from several countries. Pick the Master in Computer Science program of your liking and begin your path to technological enlightenment today! This online MSc in Artificial Intelligence is ideal if you are motivated by the challenges and infinite possibilities of advancing AI. It is designed to give professionals fro The Master Degree Program in Computer Science is designed for those who desire to deepen their comprehension of all aspects of the computer sciences.

Applicants could be gradu Data engineering is an emerging profession concerned with big data approaches to data acquisition, data management, and data analysis. The M. If you want to join one of the professions with the most future in the labor market, this is your master's degree. Because to the knowledge that every web developer must have MSc Creative Computing has been designed to respond to this growing need within the creative industries.

You'll undertake modules designed to enhance your understanding and ap The Master in Design for Artificial Intelligence trains professionals to lead the design of products and services that can integrate solutions related to artificial intelligen Computer science is still the most revolutionary science or engineering field of the last forty years and the next fifty.

Computer scientists are distinguished by the higher l The goal of this program is to train Computer Scientist with a professional knowledge-based on solid theoretical background knowledge. They have the skills to take part in pro The Master in Applied Software Engineering Information Systems mission is increasing the competitiveness of Kazakh professionals for large manufacturing companies and introd The software engineering masters programme is guided by directly involved industry partners in Europe and Southern Africa to provide an international programme in professional This Computer Science program at Ca' Foscari University of Venice offers you a broad spectrum of knowledge and skills regarding the methods, tools and enabling technologies em Whether you take the train, buy something online or make an insurance claim, virtually everything you do contributes to the vast amount of data collected.

Clever analysts help Computer science has a brilliant future! In the Master's Programme in Computer Science, you get the skills that can lead you to create new network solutions, build the future This program trains students to be leaders of the transformation of companies towards new evolutionary computing and aligned to the business needs.

Accredited by the CGE Conf For Institutions.

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Top 50 Master’s in Computer Science Degree Programs 2020

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master degree in computer science

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